Memories are not returnable


نویسنده :محمد منفرد
تاریخ:یکشنبه 29 مرداد 1391-05:26 ق.ظ

In name of God 

I can clearly remember those days!You know, When you fall in love for the first time, you think love is something that never would disappear.To be honest this thought is very clownish.As a matter of fact, people do not care about other people's feelings and they do something that is suitable for themselves.Whenever you come across a different romantic experience you think your beloved is unique and no one can be found like her.

There is a cast-iron fact about life.Without suffering you cannot grow up.So, since love is a  part of life, experiencing this feeling can be regarded as a unique experience.So,Regardless of severity of your breakdown, be happy because of something that you gain by virtue of love.I think we should not search for exact definition of love.Because it's not tangible and only person who can define it, is yourself.
I experienced such feelings but with assistance of God and thanks to my cruel ex-friend,I'm really cool.
Whenever you feel naked,Just think about God who is so nice!

I wish the best for you 

Mohammad Monfared 

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